Beth Nanson


IBS & Gut Health Dietitian 

I work with those who struggle with IBS to help them break free from uncomfortable gut symptoms such as bloating, diarrhea, and constipation, and have lifelong great gut health.


General Dietitian 

I also work in the areas of sport, pregnancy, diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure, plant-based, supplements, energy optimization, bone/brain/heart health, iron deficiency, inflammation, and more! 


1:1 Sessions & Online Courses Available!

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The Ultimate IBS Relief Program 

Finally find lifelong IBS Relief in this step-by-step self-paced online course that uses my proven framework to heal from uncomfortable gut symptoms. 

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Beat The Bloat Course

Tired of feeling bloated? Not sure where to start?

Learn everything you need to know about bloating in this mini online self-paced course. Banish the bloat for good!

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Low FODMAP Recipe Bundle!


Includes: a regular low FODMAP meal plan, a plant-based low FODMAP meal plan, a snacks package with over 50 ideas, and a low FODMAP recipe book.

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1:1 Consults

(Gut Health)

Not ready for an online course? Work with me 1:1 to get to the root of your digestive issues!

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1:1 Consults


Prenatal? Sport Nutrition? Diabetes? High Cholesterol? High Blood Pressure? Supplements? Plant based? Anti-inflammatory? Energy Optimization? Bone health? Intuitive Eating? Orr...?

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Get rid of uncomfortable symptoms and finally live with a happy gut

Nobody deserves to have daily bloating or altered bowel habits. You and your gut deserve better, and I can help you get there. 

All The Tools You Need To Find IBS Relief Once And For All 

Whether you choose 1:1 support, The Ultimate IBS Relief Course, the Beat The Bloat course, or the FODMAP Recipes Package... you are on your way to better gut health. 

About Me


I’ve completed 7 years of education in Dietetics. I graduated from UBC with a Bachelor of Science in Food, Nutrition and Health (Honours, Major in Dietetics). I completed my internship with Vancouver Coastal Health and started working thereafter. I now work with multiple clinics and have a private practice specializing in Gut & Digestive Health.

I’m from the Sunshine Coast (BC, Canada).

Outside of work, I spend time with friends & family, eat peanut butter straight from the jar, and train for upcoming events. 

I look forward to working with you! 

Final Thoughts

If you’re ready to start your journey to IBS Relief & Better Gut Health, or to better health in general, there’s no better time to start than now.

So... what are you waiting for?



Email me at: [email protected]


Instagram DM me at: @gut.ibs.dietitian